Equipment Financing for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Equipment Financing

We’re Not a Bank, we’re My Pot Guru.

Established in 2014, My Pot Guru is a national source for capital specializing in providing cannabis businesses with no-hassle equipment financing and leasing. Quickly, easily, and at great rates.

Simplicity: My Pot Guru has a simple online form. A Bank will require several years of tax returns and about a hundred other financial documents.

Time: My Pot Guru can give you an answer fast. Banks take weeks.

100% Financing: The bank usually only finances 80% of the equipment, and no soft costs. My Pot Guru will finance 100%, and will also finance soft costs, like delivery, installation, etc. (Lower Upfront Costs)

First Born Not Required: The bank will require cross collateral – your home, your boat, and your kid’s college accounts all get tied up with your loan. My Pot Guru leaves your life – and your kids – alone. No Blanket Liens. No Compensating Balances. My Pot Guru doesn’t loan You Your Own Money!

Freedom: The bank will want you to keep a healthy balance in the bank, and pokes their nose into your debt to equity ratio and other numbers. My Pot Guru doesn’t – we finance your equipment needs, without all the mumbo jumbo. (No Financial Statement Covenants)

Credit Availability: If you borrow from the bank for equipment, you won’t be able to borrow later if an emergency comes up. Using My Pot Guru for equipment purchases means you can still use the bank for emergencies. (Preserve Bank Lines for Working Capital)

No Hidden Charges: Banks love extra fees and nickel and diming you. My Pot Guru doesn’t have time for that. Neither do you.

Fixed Term is Better: Your accountant will tell you – My Pot Guru’s fixed term loan looks better on the balance sheet than a bank’s revolving terms. Oh, and the tax man agrees as well.

No Rate Adjustment: Do you REALLY think rates are going down? No, we don’t either. Which is why My Pot Guru’s fixed terms are better than the bank’s adjustable rates.

No Yearly Re-Qualification: My Pot Guru isn’t going to ask you to re-qualify for the loan annually. The bank will – just read the fine print.

All inquiries for cannabis related equipment financing held in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE!

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Arcview Group Cannabis Investing

Arcview Group Cannabis Investing

Making money with cannabis.

We call it a gold rush; cannabis that is. It certainly seems to be the case. Money and creativity is being thrown at the cannabis industry! There is no faster growing industry today than cannabis. good? Bad? Who knows.

One thing: Why must a natural growing plant be legalized? Taxed? Limited access by government? Oh, I know. It’s about MONEY!

Anyway, here’s an interesting cannabis investors meetup that took place in San Francisco:


California “Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act”

The California Legislature, with input from the Office of the Governor, has reached an historic agreement on a comprehensive regulatory framework for the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis and medical cannabis products in the State of California.

This summary is intended as an initial overview of the regulatory framework of the three bills.

My-Pot-Guru-1920X920The MMRSA breaks up the current vertical integration model of a closed loop of patient members from seed to distribution and replaces it with a multi-tiered model consisting of:

Cultivation→ Distribution → Transportation → Testing → Manufacturing → Dispensing License classifications in the multi-tiered model are as follows: (a) Type 1 = Cultivation; Specialty outdoor; Small.

(b) Type 1A = Cultivation; Specialty indoor; Small.

(c) Type 1B = Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light; Small.

(d) Type 2 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Small.

(e) Type 2A = Cultivation; Indoor; Small.

(f) Type 2B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small. Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act Initial Summary – Hon. Steven K. Lubell (Ret.) Page 2

(g) Type 3 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium.

(h) Type 3A = Cultivation; Indoor; Medium.

(i) Type 3B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium.

(j) Type 4 = Cultivation; Nursery.

(k) Type 6 = Manufacturer

1. (l) Type 7 = Manufacturer

2. (m) Type 8 = Testing. (n) Type 10 = Dispensary; General. (o) Type 10A = Dispensary; No more than three retail sites. (p) Type 11 = Distribution. (q) Type 12 = Transporter.

A Chart breaking down the License Categories, Types, and Restrictions is attached. State Licensing authorities may issue state licenses only to qualified applicants engaging in commercial cannabis activity. Upon the date of implementation of regulations by the state licensing authority, no person shall engage in commercial cannabis activity without possessing both (1) a state license and (2) a local permit, license, or other authorization. A licensee shall not commence activity under the authority of a state license until the applicant has obtained, in addition to the state license, a license or permit from the local jurisdiction in which he or she proposes to operate, following the requirements of the applicable local ordinance:

Click here for the Summary in full: “Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act” Hon. Steven K. Lubell (Ret.) Initial Summary, September 11, 2015