Cannabis Hemp Oil Slows Down Aging?

Aging and CBD Oil


I believe everyone can benefit from ‘vitamin weed’, or daily cannabis oil use. Cannabis is the key to unlocking preventative medicine. It helps protect your DNA from damage, so it can actually slow down the aging process. I think everyone should use cannabis oil, you should learn about it, you shouldn’t be afraid.” – Dr. Ross is a former drug researcher turned medical marijuana advocate”



The Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo

Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo

The entrepreneurs guide to the cannabis industry

As a long-time entrepreneur in the cannabis space serving the needs of cannabis banking, bulk CDB hemp oil production, and ancillary products, I was chomping at the bit to get inside Steve Deangelo’s head. After all, the founder and CEO of the world’s largest dispensary must know a thing or two!

Not only does Steve’s new book reveal the history and challenges he’s faced as a cannabis commumity leader and challenger to the government encumbants attempting to strangle our freedom, but he brings his perspective as a socially responsible community leader advocating the medical benefits of a “simple” weed.

For those of us interested in both helping our peers and earning a living doing something we love, “The Cannabis Manifesto” shares Steve’s thoughts on how each of us can monetize our love for doing good and live well while “working” in the cannabis space.

READ “The Cannabis Manifesto!” Gain a perspective on the history and pain of the past while exposing yourself to the possibilities for our future. The Team at


The Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Los Angeles

Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I were very happy we took a stroll around the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ending today you can still learn almost every aspect of the ever changing cannabis industry. From edibles for both human and pet consumption, education, financing, laws, tax and accounting issues, to tool of the trade. It was all here.
This is what stick with me:
* The chocolate edibles are incredible from both GFarmalabs and the Something Special people. Also, check out Canna Flavors… very, very, very good!
* As far as CBD enriched products for pets and human consumption look for Hemp Health Inc. and True Leaf Pet foods.
* If you are looking for work there are a number of educational institutions to help. Gradujuana and Cloverleaf Universities come to mind.
* For business opportunities, the Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze edibles idea looked interesting.
* As far as laws go, make sure you pick up your Marijuana Bill of Rights@
* As far as tax and accounting I liked the people at……………..
* In the area of tools of the trade are concerned check to the GreenBroz trimmer. If you are a serious grower, I highly recommend you speak with the Johnny Depp looking fellow who engineered this modern marvel, you will not be disappointed.
* Go see the Vacuum Sealer People for your packaging needs. They were the only packaging company that I can remember to store your product properly.
Anyway, it was well worth it from this persons perspective and I believe you will feel the same too if you take the time to check it out.