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A Cannabis Entrepreneur’s Journey

Tales about my journey from parent to cannabis entrepreneur.

For the past few years, my son has been asking me for advice on subject matters where I had a lot of experience and could answer the question at hand with ease.

Other times, there were questions where I virtually had no experience other than the times he was in trouble.

Usually this advice came from an officer and carried a heavy penalty of both time and money.

Cannabis entrepreneur journeyAt first I felt helpless, angry and confused, but as each sleepless night passed, these questions began to wear on me. I knew down deep that reprimanding him was not working. His passion seemed unbreakable, and over and over again, I felt that I was not the reliable source of information that I should be as a parent. Especially, when it came to the current laws and penalties associated with the cannabis industry, and that is the culture in which he resides.

So, I have challenged myself to do something about it…


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