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Cannabis Banking, Credit Cards & Merchant Accounts

Hello Cannabis Merchant!

We’re certain that you have received many offers for banking and credit card processing and you are either dissatisfied or your contact was unsuccessful at getting you approved and running.

We have helped many merchants in the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industry, with end-to-end solutions to help drive business.

We understand the unique challenges that your business encounters and we customize our solutions to meet your needs. All our services are provided separately, or you can combine them to create the perfect environment.

We offer the following financial solutions:

Domestic Bank Accounts

We can provide this banking solution, with all the features you would expect in a traditional bank environment, in every state cannabis is legalized. This solution is a traditional banking product and is perfect for cash deposits, funding your payment processing solutions, online banking and you will receive checks and debit cards with your bank account with all the features you would expect in a traditional bank environment.

PIN Debit Payment Processing and Traditional Credit Card Processing

These products are designed for physical store fronts and mobile delivery.

The PIN Debit Payment Processing competes with Point-of-Banking however it’s much more cost effective for your cannabis Customers because they will not be assessed additional fees from their bank for using this service; as they would with Point-of-banking.

You can charge the processing fee to your Customer in whole or in part.

We can integrate these solutions with your Point of Sale system for Credit Cards and Debit Cards!

We support growers and extraction companies, as well as dispensaries. We also provide payment processing to merchants who support the cannabis industry but may not directly touch cannabis (like suppliers, manufacturers, realty companies, etc.)

Contact us today so we can review which of our products are a match for your company’s needs.

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